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About Us

A Few Words About Us

We are a dynamic and energetic team focused on supporting SMEs and venture-backed startups to attain highest levels of financial efficiencies. We are Go-getters and believe in implementation as opposed to board room planning. Our Clients come to us when they are unable to untangle their financial mess, or to decide which way to expand or which company to acquire. We have been able to successfully help companies in Education, Auto Services, IT, Pharma, Packaging and Real Estate to stream line their Financial Management and improve their Bottom lines. Our team’s educational and experiential past has created a strong analytical mindforce which has helped transform these companies quickly and substantially. Our Aim is to grow as many companies as possible to enable them to achieve international acclaim.

Our Vision

To be the Go to Guys for SMEs across the globe for Generating operating efficiences, Untangling financial mess and Improving bottomlines.

Our Mission

Analyze – complex business problems
Strategize – efficient solutions
Deliver – high yielding results

Core Team


Priyanka Ratnaparkhi

A Management graduate from JBIMS and Engineer from VJTI, Priyanka is the Founding Partner of Paprika. Priyanka combines the technical prowess of an engineer and strategic acuity that stems from her management background. A keen observer with an eye for detail Priyanka has been quick to master the essence of financial nitty-gritties of a business. Her previous experiences in Corporate Banking and IT Services, helped her gain the experience and confidence to make the entrepreneurial move. Her enthusiasm is what makes her team at Paprika keep going. Reach her at