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Virtual CFO

Here’s how it works. You get the total benefits of a full-time CFO for a fraction of the cost.

As your company’s virtual CFO, we would be the trusted outside advisor to your CXO team by making impartial and intelligent decisions for Financial Planning, Reporting and Controlling as well as Managing financial risks of your products/services/projects.

Why go for virtual?

✓ Outsourcing to get you more time to focus on Core Business Issues and developments
✓ Get an unbiased perspective
✓ Save a lot of costs

‣ We are not on your payroll
‣ We do not use your desk space permanently
‣ We cost you only till you need us, whether it’s a week, a month or a year

The Virtues of Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO brings to your company the expertise, acuity, and financial acumen that is necessary to scale up and transform your business. Some of the key functions of a Virtual CFO are

icfo virtual cfo

Financial Direction

Virtual CFO helps in outlining the much needed profitability Goals and charts the way to achieve such numbers

icfo virtual cfo

Strategic Planning

Virtual CFO is your unbiased Advisor and aids in implementation of various strategies

icfo virtual cfo

Planning and Budgeting

Virtual CFO leads Budgeting efforts throughout the company which results in early planning and right controls to achieve the Company’s financial goals

icfo virtual cfo

Earnings & Cash Flow Management

We believe Cash Flow is the real indicator of a company’s health. Virtual CFO is on top of cash management and efficient utilization of cash

icfo virtual cfo

Streamlining Internal Controls & Processes

The first task of a Virtual CFO is converting an unstructured organization to a structured one in terms of Processes and Controls so as to fill up gaps in the System

icfo virtual cfo


Virtual CFO ensures that all Statutory compliances are in place and there are no regulatory violations

icfo virtual cfo

Fundraising – Debt & Equity

Virtual CFO is a favorite of all Funds and their ‘Man of the hour’. He assists in all funding requirements, negotiations with Investors, Contractual obligations and seamless integration within the business

icfo virtual cfo

Developing MIS / Dashboard Reporting

MIS gives the health of a company’s sales, cash flows, profitability and highlights its weaknesses and strengths